Calendar 2021/2022

Important Dates For The Spring Term
• 18th January: Dia de Sant Antoni
• 28th January: El Dia de Paz
• 14th February: Valentine’s Day
• 18th February: Carnival
• 21-25th February: Half Term Holidays
• 28th February: Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday
• 1st March: Dia de Baleares Holiday
• 3rd March: World Wildlife Day
• 8th March: International Women’s Day
• 17th March: St. Patrick’s Day
• 19th March: Father’s Day
• 20th March: International Day of Happiness/School Red Nose Day
• 28th-31st March: Parents’ Evening
• 1st April: April Fool’s Day
• 7th April: World Health Day 2021 –
• 8th April: Reports
• 21st April: World Creativity and Innovation Day –
• 11-22nd April: Easter Holidays
• 19-22nd April: Easter Camp
• 23rd April: International Book Day
• 23rd April: St. George’s Day
• 20th May: Sports Day
• 16th June: End of  Year Show
• 20th June: School Closed
• 27th June – 29th July: Summer School