1 Year Financial Support for Parents

Tudor Rose Bursaries

Tudor Rose is offering bursaries to parents of children faced by the challenges arising from health, unemployment and conditions in some local schools.

    Tudor Rose Bursaries guarantee:

  1.  1000 – 3000 Euros annually per child

  2.  Tuition Fees fixed for 2 years

  3.  Monthly Tuition Fees

  4.  100 Euro uniform coupon per child

  5.  Textbooks included

Bursaries are offered to those children whose parents have been affected financially by the difficulties created by the coronavirus, and to parents whose schools have been affected by delayed building works in Porto Cristo.

Bursaries are given at the discretion of the school based upon parental income and child entry tests (mandatory for children six years or above). A minimum registration period of 2 school years will be required. Bursaries do not include lunches. A two month deposit equal to two tuition fees will be held and used to pay the last month of each academic year. Early departure from the school will result in the repayment of the Bursaries received to date and loss of deposit. Bursaries may not be combined with any other discount offer.

Tudor Rose British College is a Cambridge International School. Plans for the school building have been approved by the Conselleria of Education in Palma. Permissions from the Ayuntamiento of Manacor are pending.